2013 Grammy Nominations

I worked on two records that were nominated for Grammys this year. Drake and 2 Chains. Both for best rap album of the year. I think Drake probably has a better shot at winning it. Not because it’s a better record or anything as they’re both great records, I just think he’s more well known to the Grammy voters. But sometimes you never know with these things. The Grammy voters can be unpredictable at the most predictable moments.

It’s interesting to see that there’s not one hip hop album up for Album of the Year. I think it might be reflecting the change that’s been going on in pop music. You hardly hear any hip hop anymore on mainstream radio. It’s all dance music with Maroon 5 and Taylor Swift sprinkled in. Personally, I’d like a little more variety. But maybe I’m the minority on that.

Grammy Nominations 2012

The Grammy Nominations came out last night. I ended up getting 7 nominations for records I worked on in 2011. Unfortunately nothing for Album and Record of The Year, but you will not hear me complaining about it. 2011 ended up being a fantastic year for me and can’t wait for 2012.

Best R&B Song “You Are” Charlie Wilson

Best R&B Performance “You Are” Charlie Wilson

Song of the Year “All Of The Lights” Kanye West

Best Rap / Sung Collaboration “All Of The Lights” Kanye West

Best Rap Song “All Of The Lights” Kanye West

Best Rap Album “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” Kanye West

Best Rap Album “Watch The Throne” Jay-Z and Kanye West

Post Grammy Thoughts

Brent Kolatalo and Ken Anderson at the GrammysThere’s nothing more surreal than being at an event where you’d always hoped to be at since you were a little kid. It’s an overwhelming feeling that’s hard to put into words. It was a night where I wish I had superhuman powers to make the night travel into slow-motion. Blinking eyes were not welcomed….

Loved most of the Grammy performances. I think Usher had one of the better performances of the night. Performance wise, he’s this generation’s version of Michael Jackson.

Also loved Lady Gaga’s Grammy speech. Not exactly sure why she thanked Whitney Houston in it, but still felt more sincere than the rest… by the way, the song she performed earlier oddly sounded a lot like Madonna’s “Express Yourself” Maybe she should have been thanking her instead.

One thing that felt really out of place and just plain awkward was that infomercial about the Grammy “music schools”. The whole thing was just uncomfortable to watch and felt forced. Why do it during the show? Add it as a commercial or something.

I ended up receiving a Grammy for “Best Rap Album” as an engineer/mixer for Eminem’s album “Recovery”. I’m still a little bit shocked that Eminem didn’t win Album of the Year. Not trying to take anything away from Arcade Fire as I’m a big fan, but it really felt like this was Eminem’s year. I guess there’s always 2012.

Grammy Nominations 2011

I’m up for 3 Grammy Nominations this year. I really couldn’t have asked for a better way to end 2010. The big nomination is Album of the Year for Eminem’s Recovery. I think Eminem has a good shot at winning considering he sold the most records this year, plus the fact that it’s a great record doesn’t hurt. But you never know. Grammy wins are hard to predict. Especially since it’s only music industry voting. Meaning there’s probably a bit of politics behind it. Lady Gaga and Katy Perry definitely are no slouches to have in the same category either. They have been absolutely ruling the airwaves lately. But I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Below are the list of 3 nominations I have this year.

• “Album of the Year” Eminem Recovery
• “Best Rap Solo Perfomance” Kanye West Power
• “Best Rap Album” Eminem Recovery