“Baby It’s Over” by Mani Hoffman feat Matt Hartke

I rarely have the opportunity to work with good friends on a song just for the fun of it. The song posted below is one of those. Written by Mani Hoffman and Matt Hartke (two well established artists already on the indie front), this song came about with no purpose, no hidden agenda. Really just goofing around. Kind of the best way songs are written in my mind. Just writing a song because you want too. Knowing you won’t have some political minefield to go through if you were trying to shop it to a major label artist.

The beat is one of my favorite instrumentals I’ve ever done with Ken Lewis as a Katalyst production. It’s got that old soul vibe that I love so much. Almost reminds me of something Gnarls Barkley would do. Produced and mixed both by us.



Lorde “Sober”


Lorde "Sober"I did some drum programming on the song “Sober’ off the new Lorde album. It was a small role but extremely proud to be a part of this record. I wore her first album out just as a fan . If I had it on vinyl that thing would look like it had been through a hurricane..

The album seems to have a lot of buzz going for it. I’m pretty confident it’ll live up to the hype. She’s too talented not too. Jake Antenoff produced. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.



One Republic “All These Things”

One Republic "All These Things"

One Republic “All These Things”

I am MASSIVELY proud to have done additional production on the latest One Republic album for the song “All These Things “. Was by far my favorite song I’ve been a part of all year. It’s a bucket list moment for me. Always loved One Republic since the first time I heard “Apologize” in the car radio and have been a bit of a fanboy of Ryan Tedder for a hot minute. Very grateful for this opportunity. Want to shout out Noel Zancanella the main producer on the song. Super talented guy.

Gallant “Borderline” Mix for Red Bull Music Series

Gallant Borderline

Have to admit, I’d honestly never heard of Gallant before I did a mix for him, but while mixing his song “Borderline”, it turned me into an instant fan. His voice is just ridiculous. Haven’t heard a falsetto like his in a while.

The song is being exclusively released through the Red Bull music series online. I think he’s releasing a song with Red Bull every month. He is definitely someone to keep an eye on.

Check out “Borderline” below. Hope you like it as much as I do. Big payoff in the chorus.