How long does it take you to complete a mix?

Brent’s mix schedule fluctuates from week to week. Brent mixes on a “first come first serve basis.” Typically when a song comes in to mix, the turn around time is usually 2 to 3 days.

What format do you like to receive the song in?

Clients can send full sessions in Pro Tools. Just make sure that all the MIDI files are converted to audio. If you’re working on another format like say Cubase or Logic, you can consolidate the audio files and just send those.

When the mix is final, what mix passes do I get?

Once you approve the mix, you will get the following mix passes.

    • Main
    • TV
    • Acappella
    • Instrumental
    • Clean (if needed)


If you’re getting the mix passes mastered, separate uncompressed versions will be made for the mastering engineer.

Do you master?

No. Any mix engineer who says he does both mixing and mastering probably does both pretty poorly. Each is a fine art in itself. Brent does Pre-Mastering in all of his mixes so they will sound radio ready once the mix is done. We do recommend having a professional master the mix but it is not essential.

If I need stems from the mix, is that included in the mix rate?

No. Stems are not included in the mix rate. They are an extra fee.

How can I send you the session files?

Depending on how technical you are, you can send sessions through our ftp account or you can upload them using one of the free uploading services like wetransfer. Whatever is easiest for you. If either of those do not work for you, a DVD or CD in the mail works just fine.

Should I bounce audio files with FX and compression on them?

We recommend clients keeping any fx on there that they absolutely love. This goes for delays, reverbs, phasers, etc. If you’re not sure about an FX, bounce an audio file with the FX on and bounce another without the FX. Just make sure they are properly labeled so Brent knows what he’s looking at. Please never send bounced audio files with heavy compression already on the mix buss.

Can you mix in all genres?

Yes, Brent has mixed for every genre imaginable. His specialties are Hip-Hop, Urban/R&B, Pop, and Dance.