Brent mixes ALL of his work out of the world class Full Time Dreamer Studios.  This private studio has been the spot where many critically acclaimed Grammy winning, gold, multi-platinum, and # 1 albums have been made.  Brent uses the same studio and the same analog gear on every independent project he commits to.

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, the online mixing process can still keep you involved in the mix without even having to be at the studio.


• Getting a mix done online has the added benefit of you listening at your leisure and being able to listen in multiple environments on speakers that you’re familiar with. There’s no added pressure to make “on the spot” mixing decisions as there can be when sitting in person on a mix session.

• Final mixes will be at mastered radio level volume. An unmastered version will be provided for if needed.

• All mixes are done on a SSL analog console and run through the best analog recording chains to get that warmth and 3D depth lacking in digital recdordings

• Reference tracks are recommended to capture the sound you’re looking for

• All mixes are satisfaction guaranteed. The mix isn’t finished until you sign off on it. All revisions are included in a flat mix rate with no hidden costs.

• Brent puts the same amount of care, effort, and work into any indie mix he takes on as he would a major label. At the end of the day, it’s a mix with his name on it representing himself.

The Process



Upload your session using an uploading service like wetransfer /dropbox. Brent accepts Pro Tools sessions or wav files.


Your song will then be prepped to mix on a SSL Console. Turnaround time varies depending on schedule, but expect around 2 to 3 days.


Once the mix is completed, Brent will upload a high quality audio file for you to download.


Listen to it, absorb it, take however long you need. It’s recommended that you listen to your song on as many different speakers as you can for an accurate evaluation.


Give Brent feedback for revisions if there are any. Usually it takes two rounds of comments before the final mix is reached.


When you approve the mix, final mix passes will then be printed. The mix passes include the following; Main, TV, Acappella, Instrumental, and Clean version (if needed).

Frequently Asked Questions on the process.