“Rounds” K Michelle


I produced and mixed the song “Rounds” on K Michelle’s new album (Atlantic Records) that came out today with my production partner Ken Lewis and Bangallure.

Special shoutout to my good friend Bangallure for breathing life into the music on this one. Bangallure’s been sending me music for over 3 years and no matter how many times things didn’t work out with whatever artist we were working on, he never quit sending me music. Just shows you how much perseverance can payoff. So a huge congrats. I’m sure there will be many more to come. Drive does pay off!


Lorde “Sober”


Lorde "Sober"I did some drum programming on the song “Sober’ off the new Lorde album. It was a small role but extremely proud to be a part of this record. I wore her first album out just as a fan . If I had it on vinyl that thing would look like it had been through a hurricane..

The album seems to have a lot of buzz going for it. I’m pretty confident it’ll live up to the hype. She’s too talented not too. Jake Antenoff produced. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.