So U2 gave their album out for free to 500 million iphone users. Only nobody asked them for it. I was as shocked as anyone when I saw U2’s album had automatically downloaded into my iphone without my permission. How does U2 and Apple have the right to invade my own personal device? I mean, Obama can’t even do that. And you’re trying to force feed me your music that is so uniquely personal to each and every individual? Get the heck out of here. I felt totally violated. And I’m even a fan of U2. Well, at least their old stuff…. What happens if the automatically downloaded U2 album pushes the iphone user above their data plan? I would be livid if that happened.

Thankfully, there’s been a public backlash over this and I’m not the only one alone holding a pitchfork. Apple seems to be actually listening. They’ve publicly apologized and are trying to correct the situation. If you want to remove their album (ironically called “Songs of Innocense”) like me, you can now download an app from this link.

Hopefully a lesson has been learned here for future Orwellian artists’ and it will never happen again.

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