I used to get excited about the upcoming release date of records that I’ve worked on. I couldn’t wait to see my name on the credits. It was all your hard work finally paying off. Materializing in the physical form. But then came a hard realization that credits aren’t a given thing. I started getting left off of records mysteriously. Or my name would constantly be spelled wrong. After several of these incidents, I started dreading the release date. Anxiety would creep in. You just never knew what was or wasn’t going to pop up in those linear notes.A row of colored circles in front of each other.

Long story short, I worked on the new Bruno Mars record on a song called “Young Girlsâ€. They misspelled my last name. Fine. I understand mistakes happen. I get it. And I’m grateful that at least my credit was on there. My good friend Richard Adlam got left off the record. It’s just when these things constantly happen all the time it leaves me scratching my head. Is it that hard to double check your work? I’m not sure who’s actual job it is at labels to get these things straightened out but do they know that people’s livelihoods are based on credits? It’s extremely important. It’s verification for someone’s work. Otherwise, you’re just taking them on their word. And if you constantly had to do that then you’d start thinking Kevin Federline is the next Michael Jackson. And that’s just a world I don’t want to live in.

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