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I’ve always liked the comedian Louis C.K. Now I love him. The comedian announced that he was bypassing Ticketmaster altogether and only selling tickets for his upcoming tour through his website, all for the flat rate of $45. That even includes the sales tax.

If anyone’s bought a concert ticket through Ticketmaster lately, I’m sure you know how it’s become an absolute “extra fee†charging nightmare. They hit you with so many mysterious processing fees that by the time you’re about to click the “order now†button two $60 tickets have magically ballooned into $100. Like some twisted David Blaine magic trick only not so amusing when it’s your checking account doing the disappearing act. And that’s only if you’re lucky enough to beat the hundreds of scalpers trying to purchase tickets ahead of you.

I vaguely remember Pearl Jam a decade ago trying to fight Ticketmaster in court. I was too young and dumb to really care about what they were standing up for and the reasons behind it. But I get it now. Ticketmaster has become a huge monopoly. How the government is letting them get away with this is beyond baffling. Now every big event has to go through them because they’ve got deals in place with the biggest arenas in America. How is this possible?

The good news is there’s someone out there like Louis C.K seeing the problem and doing his part for his fans. Maybe other entertainers will start to follow his lead. One can hope

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