All the great music is coming from the U.K. It just is. Adele is a great example. Her current record is a monster success. 9 million already sold to date. Which is phenomenal considering no one buys records anymore.

But there is no way Adele breaks here in the U.S. before the U.K. Major labels here wouldn’t have touched her with a ten foot pole. She would’ve been seen as too much of a risk because American music is more about being an “entertainer†than it is about the music itself. It’s been like that for a long time now. Sure, the U.K. still has your cookie cutter showbiz bands, but great artists like Adele and the late Amy Winehouse at least have a fighting chance to make it over there.

Of course now that the Adele record is such a huge hit, you know every major label in America is going to pump out 20 little Adele’s within the year. Which, I don’t think is necessarily a bad thing, but it’s completely missing the fundamental issue. No labels here take a chance on anything. I haven’t heard anything on mainstream radio that doesn’t sound like the same 100 songs before or after it. It’s a constant loop of poo that just keeps oozing out of your speakers. It’s like your radio has the eternal stomach flu with no toilet paper in sight. You want to change the channel but you’ve become so used to the stench, that you’re numb to it.

The radio has always been very polarized, but somehow things in the past few years have managed to get worse. Why does something here have to be a proven success before any record label is willing to take a chance on it? When did good music take a backseat to making a quick dollar?

When a soulful artist like Adele starts sounding refreshing on the radio, almost foreign sounding, then it’s a sad era of American radio.

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