Ok, so Lana Del Rey bombed on SNL. Some dubbing it the worst performance of all time on the show. Well shit. Not the most ideal way to kick off a career.

So it was a bad performance. I’m not gonna sugar coat it. But it happens yeah? Who cares? Why such the harsh venomous backlash from people online? If you look at some of her live performances in England they are actually pretty damn good. She just looked really nervous. It’s not like she was lip singing. I actually give her props for not singing to a backing track like every artist likes to do nowadays. Remember Ashlee Simpson on SNL? She got caught singing to a backing track. But guess what? Just about everybody does it. She just got caught. And it basically ruined her career.

I know in my previous blog I was hyping her up as the next big thing. I still stand by it. The record is great. Hopefully this doesn’t ruin it. I know people say any publicity is good publicity. But this is a nasty trump card.

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