Busy. Busy. Busy. That has been the theme for September so far. Hard to complain but sometimes the days melt into each other and you just need to stab yourself in the arm with a pen to make sure you’re still alive and kicking it.

Been working on music for the new Drake record that will be out in November. Loved his last record. Actually, all of his stuff. Big Drake fan I am. I’m still amazed that he was originally an actor in a Canadian Soap Opera. The guy is gifted. I probably couldn’t even be a mime if I tried.

Also wrote music on the new Rick Ross single called “I Love My Bitchesâ€. Yes, that is what the song is called. And yes, my mother is still proud. At least I think. It’s pretty epic in scope. Worked endlessly on that song for a week straight. Just Blaze produced. Out now.

And in other news…..I have a single coming out for Lea who is a new G-Unit artist 50 Cent just signed. The song is called “November Skiesâ€. I’ll post more about it when the release date approaches. You’ll probably be sick of hearing about it when I’m done.

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