Tsunami Entertainment

I’m pleased to announce that my production team The Skywalkers just acquired new management with Tsunami Entertainment. Tsunami has an extremely impressive roster of producers and artists including Goldfrapp and super producer Chris Vrenna. (two of my personal favorites). I’m absolutely thrilled that we’re apart of it! 2010 is shaping up to be an exciting year!

Here’s a link to Tsunami Entertainment: http://www.tsunamient.com

Asian Invasion

I’ve been working on some huge records in Asia over the past few months. Really excited about it. Mixed SS501’s single called “Love Like This”. It was #1 on the Asian charts for over two weeks.

Also just finished mixing Rain’s new single “Love Song”…… both the Korean and American version. In 2010, Rain made Time Magazine ‘s 100 Most Influential People. I think he’s the only person to have sold out Madison Square Garden 5 times in a row which is really amazing. The guy is super talented both as a musician and actor. I posted the video below to the song I mixed.. Check out the “body wave” move towards the end. It’s pretty unforgettable for better or for worse.