BMG Publishing Deal

I officially signed my first publishing deal with BMG Music Publishing Worldwide. Really excited and proud to be a part of a great publishing company. Been waiting a long time for this….. Couldn’t have done it without the help and support of super attorney Chris Cabbott. My production partner Ken Lewis, who’s the most talented production partner one could have. And the hardest working management team, The XYZ Group. That’s the A Team right there.

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Mixing TyDi “Stay”

I’ve been mixing most of TyDi’s music now for about a year. He’s a newly signed DJ/Artist on Universal Republic Records. I think he’s a huge hit away from being compared to all the other big DJs out there. His latest single “Stay” that I mixed could be it. They’ve been playing it nonstop on Sirius radio and on The Voice. Hopefully soon it will start trickling into mainstream radio. Here’s the video….

Ciara “Anytime” Song Leak

Ciara "Anytime" Song Leak

This is the first time I’ve ever produced a song that’s gotten leaked way before it was supposed to come out. How these things happen is a complete mystery. It could be anyone from the people who work at the record label, to studio interns, to hackers breaking into email accounts. Usually everyone points fingers at everyone and you still never figure out the source of the leak.

I think the worst part about it is that it’s a rough demo. And when I say rough demo, I mean the roughest of rough demos. So it’s not even a close representation of how much work Ken Lewis, Boi-1da and myself put into it. And now people are judging it by an unfinished product, which is the worst. It’s like cooking your favorite meal and somebody coming in and swiping a bite of it while you’re not looking. The ingredients are there sure, but it’s not even close to being done! And now you just ate raw meat like an idiot and possibly earned a night on the toilet. Congrats. I know everyone’s got to be the first to something but damnit, patience can still be a virtue.