Hangovers and Records

Hangovers are the worst. Especially the ones where your insides feel like they’re slowly rotting away. Even worse is a hangover on a perfectly sunny day. Hate that. It’s like your back in high school and the sun is mocking you like some beefy high school bully. A bit like today actually.

Anyway, I deserved it. Not the hangover part but the celebrating bit. I’ve had an unbelievable run working on some amazing records the past couple months. I’ve worked on Kanye, J Cole, Jay-Z, John Legend, Eminem, and Drake. The first 3 have already gone gold or better. The other 3 haven’t even been released yet so I’m still holding out hope for big things. But most importantly, I love all the records. I know a lot of people are hating on the new Kanye record, I get it. It’s not gonna be everyone’s cup of tea. But I think it’s great. At least he’s trying different things. A little risk is what makes music exciting yea?

Ok, that’s all I got right now. I’m going back to bed and nursing this hangover. And thanking the gods for lemon lime Gatorade.

Beats By Dre.

Picture 8


Here’s the truth. Beats By Dre headphones are way more hype than substance. Ok. I know they have a great heavy bass sound. And I love a great bass sound as much as the next hip hop head. It’s fantastic. But when the bass is overhyped as much as it is in these puppies, it’s difficult to get a real understanding of what kind of “real” bass sound you have going on in your song. And the more bass, usually the muddier the mix becomes.

There’s no denying the fact that the company is brilliant at marketing. Genius level really. You aren’t cool now unless you own a pair. They have somehow made it the “iPhone” of headphones. But in all honesty, I’d take my Sony headphones over Beats By Dre any day of the week in the studio. They reflect more of a real sound overall. And at half the cost, how can you beat that? But maybe that’s just me.

Toronto and Boi-1da

Just had an extremely productive week working in Toronto with my production partner Ken Lewis and Boi-1da. Always a great learning experience seeing the way other producers create.

We worked out of a new studio called The Post Office. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a studio in the Toronto area. The staff were absolutely amazing. Special shout out to the studio owner Chris Martin for going the extra mile for us while we were there. Really made it feel like home away from home. Can’t wait to go back.


Mixing TimeFlies

I want to give a big congrats to Timeflies on their newly formed label Forty8Fifty that will be partnered with Island Def Jam Music Group. I recently mixed four songs off their latest E.P. that was #1 on the pop itunes chart for a straight week.

The amazing thing about these guys is that they built their fan base completely independently and mostly off of youtube videos by doing covers every Tuesday calling it “Timeflies Tuesdays”. It’s a really refreshing story how new bands are controlling their own destinies without major labels.

Below is the video of the single I mixed called “One Night”